Purging data from a V5.x EngageOne Designer repository

Product Feature: Utilities

Files in the trash can be purged manually using the "purge" option in the Recycle Bin in the Project Explorer tab in the V5.x Manager.  Files can also be purged using the Integrity Check Tools.

The integrity check tool can be obtained by contacting Pitney Bowes Technical Support.  Note that the integrity check tool is no longer available starting in EngageOne Designer V6.X and greater.

Once installed, when launching the tool, the first thing it asks is the SQL instance you wish to connect to:

User-added image

Once connected, you are asked to select a repository:

User-added image

Once you have connected to the repository, the following view is available:
User-added image

The "Full Purge" tab should be selected, and the highlighted options should be run repeatedly until the tool reports there are no more files to remove.

Please note that while the purge is running nobody can access the EngageOne Designer repository, so no work can be done.  Also, if the repository is very large, running full purge can sometimes take days for the process to fully complete.  This will not remove all files from the trash, for example, production jobs, so these will still need to be manually removed, it is a good idea to remove these first, as this is the top of the heirarchical dependency.

It is also possible to use this tool to remove duplicate fonts from a EngageOne Designer V5.6 installation.  Simply click on the "duplicate fonts" tab, and this will list all duplicates.  Clicking on the "fix duplicates" button will remove these from the repository.
UPDATED:  July 17, 2019