How to understand Tab Character Positions in DOC1 Designer

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When using the tab markers in the ruler, the tab markers will automatically snap to the nearest minor or major division of the ruler:
User-added image

You cannot slide these tab markers to any point between the minor divisions, and you cannot alter the divisions of the ruler.

If you want to position your tabs at an absolute position, you need to use the Tabs section in the paragraph dialog:
User-added image

This shows the default tab stop at 1.27cm (.5 inch), this means that if you don't set specific positional tabs, each time you hit the tab button, it will skip to the next default position.

If you have positional tabs, you can enter these individually, and these can be absolutely positioned, so can be between the minor divisions or the ruler, but if you attempt to move them using the ruler, again, they will snap to the nearest minor or major division.
UPDATED:  November 8, 2017