UCS16 BE and other code pages on ZOS in EngageOne Generate

Although we don't state specifically that UCS16 BE is supported, we do support UCS2 BE, which is the same in principle.  UCS16BE is simply an updated version of UCS2 BE.

If you are running production on a host system that only has a code page of UCS16 BE, then you could either select Host Default as your encoding scheme (either globally in the Data Format, or at individual field level), or select UCS 2BE, and all Chinese characters should appear correctly.

If you have multiple code pages in your host environment, and UCS16BE is not the default then the initial call to Generate will return a GEN0242I information message informing the user about the default code page on that host:

User-added image

In this example, it is informing the user that the host code page is IBM EBCDIC 1047.

It is possible to select other codepages assuming they are present on the host, this can be done by entering the following parameter in your JCL:


Where xxxxxx equals the code page required.

This resides in the EXEC card statement, ie:

EXEC card syntax:
EXEC PGM=DOC1GEN,PARM='DD:HipRef [OPS=DD:OpsRef] [ECP=DD:EcpRef] [SCP=CodePage] [#restart] [,symbols]'

The documentation provides the following information about this message, but is somewhat misleading:

User-added image

This indicates that you can set this in the settings for the Host in designer, but this does not provide any mechanism to set this.  A ticket has been raised with Engineering to clarify this in the documentation at some point.
UPDATED:  August 21, 2019