Doc1 V5 and V6 - path to filestore in SQL database

Product Feature: Installation / Upgrade

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Yes, the path to the filestore is stored in the Global table in your SQL database:
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And the specification will change dependent on whether it is a client\server install, or a standalone install.

For a standalone installation, when you open the Global table the filestore root is displayed like this:
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Where F:\ is obviously the local drive where the filestore folder resides, but this could be on any local drive.

In a client\server situation, this would be something like this:


Where "my_server" is the name of the server machine, and my_filestore is the name of my filestore folder.

For client\server installations, this MUST be a UNC path (as demonstrated above) you cannot map this to a drive letter.

You can change the value of the filestore root easily within SQL, and once done, you need to save the changes, and then restart the BusObjService so this change can be picked up the next time you logon to that repository.
UPDATED:  September 1, 2017