How to remove Dead Assets from an Oracle Spatial Layer in Confirm

Products affected: Confirm®
Product Feature: Mapping (MapXtreme in Confirm)
To remove a batch of Dead Features from an Oracle Spatial layer, in Confirm®, do the following:
  • Export the layer in question to Tab format from Oracle Spatial (OnDemand clients will need to raise a Confirm Technical Support case for this).
  • Run a Data Source query on the Feature table in Confirm for the relevant Feature Group and limit End Date using <= Today.
  • Save the Data Source to Excel.
  • Import the Excel Spreadsheet (this creates a MiPro Table).
  • Load both the Map layer (e.g. StreetLighting) and the table (DeadAssets), created from the spreadsheet, into MiPro.
  • Use the Select tool to write the following query:
  • This opens a new browser window in MIPro called QueryX and contains the Dead Central Asset IDs (CAIDs).
  • Click on the browser of Table STREETLIGHTING in MiPro.
  • Click Delete.

What you can do prior to all the above is note a CAID to be removed, find it in the original layer and then try again once you've deleted it (it shouldn't now find it).
UPDATED:  August 24, 2017