How to run very long command lines in Spectrum/Portrait Miner

Product Feature: Data Build Utilities

Operating System: Windows

It is possible to create a command line for some of the Portrait Miner data build commands (DBCs) that will be too long to actually run.  For example if using the qsimport* or qsexport* DBCs with a long list of field names supplied as arguments to the -fields/-xfields options.

This issue is not particular to Portrait Miner, it is a Windows limitation.

Depending on your operating system, the maximum allowed number of characters in a command is either 2047 or 8191.

The workaround for the DBC command line is to specify a file which contains a list of field names, one per line, rather than listing the field names in the command line.  This is done by using the '@<fields_file>' argument, i.e '-fields @<fields_file>'.
UPDATED:  August 4, 2017