How to fill in Product Name/Release numbers required on the Stage 2 Compliance Testing Product Information Form for Verimove

Products Affected:  Verimove
The Compliance Testing Product Information Form requests that you provide product name/release information for the following fields:

NCOALink Software Product Name
NCOALink Software Product Version
Address Matching ZIP + 4 Product Name
Address Matching ZIP + 4 Product Version
DPV Product Name
DPV Product Version
LACSLink Product Name
LACSLink Product Version

For Verimove 3.8 running Internal CASS on Windows, the following product names/releases should be used:

NCOALink Software Product Name - VeriMove
NCOALink Software Product Version - 3.8
Address Matching ZIP + 4 Product Name - Finalist
Address Matching ZIP + 4 Product Version - 9.21
DPV Product Name - Finalist
DPV Product Version - 9.21
LACSLink Product Name - Finalist
LACSLink Product Version - 9.21

The version numbers will change as new versions of Verimove are released.  Please check with Technical Support if you are running a different version of Verimove than the example above.

If running External CASS (for instance CODE-1 Plus, replace the product Finalist and product version with CODE-1 Plus and Code-1 Plus software version in the example above).
UPDATED:  May 2, 2019