How to understand the "Retail" Capture method used in Anysite

Products affected: AnySite™
The “Retail Type” capture methods is really a misnomer. 
It is an  off-shoot of the capture tool called a “Density Based Capture” where the size of the trade area created is based upon the Density Class of where the location is placed on the map.  The Density Class is a field called “DENCLASS” (can be seen through the info tool) that can be found in (typically) the blockgroup layer. 
The DENCLASS field in the blockgroup file is populated by running a 3 mile radius ring from the center of the block group, gathering the population found within that ring, and calculating a population density value, then we place the blockgroup into a category 1 – 7.
The Density Class is a value from 1 to 7 with 1 representing a blockgroup of High population density and 7 being a blockgroup with a low population density. 
The “Retail Type” capture methods were really just provided to give users something to play with – typically clients that wish to use this function will delete the capture methods provided and just have the ones that they created show up in the list.
These Density Based captures are managed through the Configurator and can be rings, drive time boundaries, and composite geographies like the “Standard” capture method.
UPDATED:  September 20, 2017