Vault - update rmfutil on Unix

How to I update rmfutil on unix instances of Vault.  Vault is failing to ingest files with this error:

06:21:25 [work/valores.spolvm0.2013.09.01_00.23.59.drd] has been successfully built, [4] documents, [16] pages
06:21:25 processing resource packs for guids [93BB95524BE141DEA3A2CD1CA430B5FD]
06:21:52 ERROR 50384: unable to process resource pack [error: resource pack for guid could not be found, problem guids: 93BB95524BE141DEA3A2CD1CA430B5FD]
06:21:52 RmfUtil version is 5.6.1612.0
06:21:52 document build suspended for file [work/valores.spolvm0.2013.09.01_00.23.59.drp]

In the Vault install is a lib directory with all the shared libraries. 
The ones related to resource packs are: 
These files need to be updated to the latest version.

There should be a lib directory in their install where you'd need to put them. 
(1) back up the old files in case you need to put them back 
(2) to be painfully obvious, this is not the Ghostscript lib directory...
UPDATED:  August 23, 2017