Reducing the size of a HIP file in EngageOne Designer

Product Feature: Build / Publish
The HIP file, when built will contain not only the application rules, but also all the resources that may be used by the application, therefore the more fonts in use, the larger the HIP, the more images in use, the larger the HIP, and if these images are all full colour, then again the HIP file will be larger.

If you want to reduce the size of your HIP, then you should look at reducing the number of fonts and images in use by the application, and if you want to reduce the size of your output, then you can opt to not embed fonts and images.

This should be done with careful consideration as you will need to ensure that whatever medium or printer used to render the document has access to the fonts in use.

You can also selectively embed resources using DOC1RPU, please see the programmers guide for details on how to configure this.
UPDATED:  February 28, 2020