Removing "G1" timestamp libraries on the IBMi using CODE-1 Plus

Operating System: iBMi
Products Affected:  CODE-1 Plus

Libraries that start with G1 followed by numbers are considered time-stamp libraries.  They are created when a product is installed and if the install is successful, they will automatically be removed.  If the install is unsuccessful, they will not be removed.  Is it safe to remove these libraries?

The suggestion is to perform a wrklib on G1* to get a list of all the G1 libraries.  For the time-stamp libraries, select 5 for each library and then select 5 on the first object in each library and check the creation date/time stamp; if the time-stamp is old (10 years for example), it should be ok to remove the library. However, If the date/time stamp is more recent, it's best to rename the library, then make certain your CODE-1 Plus jobs run successfully and if all jobs are successful, you should be able to remove the library.
UPDATED:  June 19, 2019