Reducing disk space usage in EngageOne

Products affected:  EngageOne
To reduce the amount of disk space used in EngageOne:

1) Basic file cleanup should be performed, which will be determined by the operating system.
2) Purge processes should be run regularly. Information on this can be found in the EngageOne Administration Guide. 
3) Logging retention days should be reviewed. Keep in mind that suppressing messages in logs may inhibit any review of this information if the need to troubleshoot arises. 
4) The EngageOneServerPerformanceWhitePaper.pdf (included with the installation) contains guidelines to determine the required disk space based on usage. This is only a guide and is relative. 
5) The server(s) should be dedicated to EngageOne. Sharing servers with other applications is not advised and may contribute to EngageOne limitations. 
6) Consider distributing the EngageOne installation among various servers.
7) Add disk space if all other options provide only temporary results. 

It is critical to perform regular backups, and unless specifically instructed by Technical Support, DO NOT manually delete any files in the EngageOne Active Drive daily folders. 
UPDATED:  July 4, 2019