How to bypass the processing of all records that are not equal (NE) to a particular 4-byte flag using the CONFRM parameter in CODE-1 Plus

Products Affected: CODE-1 Plus
In order to bypass the processing of all records that are not equal to a 4-byte flag that contains the number 6300 (as an example), you will code the CONFRM parameter as follows:

Pass a V (confirmed by comparison to an input confirmation flag value) in column 8-10
Pass the Location in the input record of the confirmation flag in column 18-20
Pass the length of the confirmation flag in the input record (must be 9 or less) in column 22
Pass NE (which states the confirmation flag in the record must not be equal to any of the confirmation values on this parameter) in column 24-25
Pass your confirmation value (6300 in our example) in column 27-35

The confirmation flag in the record must not be equal to any of the confirmation values on this parameter for the record to be confirmed automatically. For example, if you have a 4-byte flag in the CONFRM parameter (in column 18-20) with a value of 6300 and you pass an NE in column 24-25, any record not equal to 6300 will be bypassed and records with a value of 6300 will be processed normally.  This feature is only available with the batch driver, C1BM00.  It is not available in interactive or with the C1MATCHx callable routine.
UPDATED:  August 29, 2017