Error, the session count has exceeded the license limit and the logon Failed for EngageOne Designer


Check that the number of concurrent users logged into the EngageOne Designer doesn't exceed the the license limit.

This can be done in Designer, when logged is an the admin user, under the Administration - Sessions menu, check how many users are concurrently connected. There may be a user locked in (perhaps caused by a crash while logged in) and needs to be manually removed.  To do this, highlight their user entry and click the "Logout" button. 

To find out how many users you are licensed for, you will need to call Technical Support so they can verify the actual number of licenses.  

If the license only contains a single user meaning that the admin user cannot login to remove any locked sessions, then the following SQL script can be run to remove all current logons.  BEFORE RUNNING THIS IT IS ESSENTIAL THAT A FULL REPOSITORY BACKUP IS TAKEN.

delete * from Security_UserSession

This will remove all entries in this table and and a subsequent login should be successful.  If not, please supply the repository backup taken before running this SQL query to technical support for investigation.

UPDATED:  September 16, 2019