Ingesting Mail.dat file from EngageOne Delivery Audit Data Manager User Interface

Following are the steps to ingest Mail.dat file from Data Manager User Interface:
  1. Data Manager UI does not have ‘Production Facility’ by default.
  1. To add the Production Facility, open Data Manager system database -> ‘production_facilities’ table and replace NULL with NY in following columns:
  1. Place all ‘mail.dat’ files in "<EODA_Install>\PitneyBowes\EngageOne\Delivery Audit Data\Data Manager\maildat” directory.
  2. Modify ‘Mail360DataManagerUI.config’ file located at "<EODA_Install>\PitneyBowes\EngageOne\Delivery Audit\Data Manager Web Client". In the last line of Mail360DataManagerUI.config for 'inputMailDatsFileSources' provide the location for the mail.dat file. The default location is "…\PitneyBowes\EngageOne\Delivery Audit Data\Data Manager\maildat".
  3. Modify WEB.CONFIG file located at "<EODA_install>\Program Files (x86)\PitneyBowes\EngageOne\Delivery Audit\Data Manager Web Client\DataManagerWeb".
<add key="inputMailDatsFileSources" value="…\PitneyBowes\EngageOne\Delivery Audit Data\Data Manager\maildat"/>
  1. Open the .CSM file located at ‘…:\Group 1 Data\MAIL360 Data Manager\maildat’ and put the cursor at column no.172 and change the date as current date.
  1. Restart IIS (run -> cmd -> iisreset).
  2. Ingest job file after changing job mailing date to current date.
  3. Ingest the mail.dat from Data Manager UI. Click on ‘Add New Mail.dat®’ and select ‘mail.dat’ and select Production Facility.
  1. Check the status of processing in Large Message Queue (LMQ).
  1. After ingesting mail.dat file successfully, execute the following queries to clear the tables in the EngageOne Delivery Audit Data Manager Table.
    • delete from trays
    • delete from containers
    • delete from maildats
  • Same Mail.dat cannot be ingested more than once.
  • To ingest a Mail.Dat more than once, clear the following tables before ingesting the files:
  1. delete from trays
  2. delete from containers
  3. delete from maildats
UPDATED:  November 13, 2019