Portrait Miner -specify a SQL file as input for qsimportdb in a build script

Product Feature: Data Build Utilities
If you try to specify a valid SQL file for qsimportdb in a qsbuild script with syntax like:

<qsimportdb udc="PDUSER@PDSystem" sql="table_link.sql" output="D:\MinerDev\table_sql.ftr"/>

Then this error will be displayed:

[qsimportdb] *** Error: Invalid SQL SELECT statement: [ table_link.sql ]

When you specify a SQL file for a qsimportdb command within a build script, you must use the 'sqlfile' attribute name, instead of 'sql' (which is used if you embed a SQL statement directly within the build script).

<qsimportdb udc="PDUSER@PDSystem" sqlfile="table_link.sql" output="D:\MinerDev\table_sql.ftr"/>

For details, please see the documentation on running the qsimportdb command within a qsbuild script or  as a standalone data build command.
UPDATED:  March 29, 2017