How to ingest STC scan

 Following these steps to ingest STC scan from Mail360 HUB
  • Ingest job file and Mail.dat file as per tech note 'mail.dat injection'. Refer EngageOne Delivery Audit Operations Guide for more information.
  • Check the status Mail.dat in the Large Message Queue (LMQ) table in Engage One Delivery Audit Data Manager Database with message type as ‘MailDatInputFileSubmittedMessage’.
  • Verify Maildats table in Data Manager database for the existence of the Mail.dat.
  • Edit MailXML file for 'StartTheClockDate' and provide the value same as the one mentioned in the job file [job mailing date] and also in .CSM [Column 172] file.
  • In XML file, search for 'IMCB' and slect 6 digit Mailer ID for it. Ex: IMCB = 99M000465000000000002 (21 digits), the Mailer Id is from 4th digit to 10th digit (from left to right). In this case Mailer ID is '000465'.
  • The Mailer Id needs to be added on Mail360 Hub Database. On Mail360 Hub execute following queries:
    1. Insert into mailers (mailer_id, description) values (<Six digit mailer ID>, '6 digit for STC testing')
    2. Insert into mailer_datamanagers (mailer_id, datamanager_id) values (<Six digit mailer ID>, 1)
  • Copy the XML scan into the 'mailxml' folder located at <mail360_hub_install>\data
  • Verify from Large Message Queue (LMQ)  for the status of STC Scan.

UPDATED:  September 4, 2017