Installing the CODE-1 Plus US Postal database on an IBMi platform

Products Affected: CODE-1 Plus
Operating System: iSeries, IBMi

The instructions for installing the US Postal database on an IBMi platform are as follows:

For Internet downloads (also referred to as “IDS”), you first need to:
  • Download the appropriate file to a Windows-based machine
  • Unzip the downloaded file using a standard unzip utility program. The unzipped file will contain a member called

Proceed with the following steps. Ensure you are logged onto your IBMi machine and navigate to the Database Function Screen as follows:

From a command line on the IBMi machine:
  • Type the command "CALL G1@@PGMS/G1MM01" and press Enter to get to the Product Selection Screen.
  • Select Option “5” for CODE-1 Plus and hit Enter to get to the Work With Jobs screen.
  • Press “F20” (Shift Key and F8 simultaneously) to get to the Database Functions screen.
  • Select option 2 ”Install Database" and press Enter to get to the "Install CODE-1 Plus Databases" screen
  •  Prepare the installation library by entering/specifying database installation parameters…
    • US Postal Database 
    • Select Install Source – (C=CD-ROM, I=Internet Download)
    • Ensure the correct “Install to Library” name is listed
    • Press “F6” to confirm
  • Here is the message that will be visible after pressing “F6”…
"US Postal Database will be REPLACED in library G1C1FILES. Press F6 to confirm and continue".
  • Once “F6” has been pressed a second time, you will be prompted to proceed with the FTP process. Here is the message that will appear…
"FTP the US Postal Database file into G1C1PGMS/G1FILE now. When the FTP has completed, press F6 to continue".

Note: FTP file as binary to G1C1PGMS/G1FILE.
UPDATED:  June 21, 2019