How to export AFP documents out of Vault

how we can get their compressed AFP files into a usable form (ie PDF or AFP) so that it can be loaded into another third partyr archive system, such as IBM on-demand? 
We are trying to determine how to extract/export documents that are archived in our Vault  either in a PDF or AFP.  
Is this possible, and if so what would be the necessary steps.

When an AFP file is ingested into vault the fonts and images are stripped out, the file is compressed, and its stored in a proprietary format on the Vault server. It isn't possible to reconstitute the AFP again for loading into another system.
Once it's in Vault, you can create a PDF of any given document, but as you know you can only do one PDF at a time. There isn't an out-of-the-box way to convert all the documents in the Vault into PDF in some kind of batch mode.
That said, it would be theoretically possible to use the Vault APIs to write a program that would go through the Vault and save documents as PDF. This would be beyond the scope of support, requiring a professional services engagement to help create such a program. 
UPDATED:  October 18, 2017