Anysite 9.x and the "hybrid network install"

This an install where multiple users all install full stand-alone install's of AnySite and then by editing the anysite.ini, they
can all share the same anysite.mdb, allowing the sharing of custom reports, variables, map pref's, etc.

In the anysite.ini, look for this section:

;*If anysite.mdb/preferences is located outside of the application directory input file path and name here.

To edit, you remove the semi-colon from the front of "AccessMdbPath" and then add a PATH statement that resolves to the Anysite.mdb
that will be shared by all users.
Note: this Anysite.mdb is typically found in the AnySite installation folder but it can reside on a network shaer outside of an AS install.

Note: the folder where the Anysite.mdb is located must be shared so that all AS user's can ujtilize the file

here's an edited version showing a UNC path:

User-added image

This installation type keeps all the heavy data Streets, demographics, geocoder, etc… installed locally for speed.

This requires that the AnySite >> and the local data like streets, demographics, geocoder, etc… needs to be installed in the same locations for all the locale installs.

Any network data should be installed and using the same “network mapping”

If the cataloger is run this will mess up the pathing for those that are different.

Typically you only run the cataloger ounce. If a new install in done, the user just needs to install the AnySite to the same location and then update the INI to the MDB location.

Also, a lot of times we have done this we have placed a copy of the INI so that we just need to copy that down to the local machine to make the set up easy…. But not necessary. But we can also grab the INI off of another machine. 

NOTE: ALL user's MUST install to the exact same path and they must use the same drive mappings for any network-stored tables,etc.
Important: When a subsequent AnySite upgdate is run, the upgrade software expects to find the anysite.mdb in the install folder where the upgrade is being run.
Same for any other folders like the art files folder, etc. - the upgrade software needs to see ALL Anysite folders on the local machine when run.
The Upgrade will only update the local anysite.mdb so if the mdb is up a on a shared server, it must be copied back to the local install folder for the update to work.
UPDATED:  April 12, 2017