Spectrum - Universal Name Module (UNM) Name Parser Questions

Product Feature: Name Parser

Operating System: Windows

Version: 7,8,9
Why does Universal Name Module (UNM) Name Parser identify personal names as FIRM?
For the first issue, in most cases there are firm name indicative terms in the name field which cause the name to be parsed as a firm. In some cases there are no firm indicative terms but neither are there any terms which match known first or last names. In this case the "catch-all" rules in the Name Parser will parse the name as a firm.

Why would personal and business names score low (0 to 33) or the degree of confidence which the parser has that its parsing is correct when the parsing should get a much higher score?
For issue 4, the 0 score simply means the Name Parser was unable to identify any of the tokens in the input. In this case the "catch-all" rule is applied and the name is parsed as a firm. For the questions about low scores, see previous comment on scoring in Name Parser.
UPDATED:  February 13, 2015