Vault - changing the Storagemodel

How can I change Vault's storage model from the default to a different storagemodel, and how will that affect the existing files that I may have already ingested?

By default Vault stores files in the server/pagedata and server/docdata directories.  However this can be changed by modifying server.ini as followings:
Storagemodel This changes the storage layout of the .drd and .drp files.
0/1: standard drd -> docdata, drp, jrn -> pagedata
2: year drd,drp,jrn -> storage\yyyy
3: month drd,drp,jrn -> storage\yyyy\mm
4: day drd,drp,jrn -> storage\yyyy\mm\dd
When alternate storage model is enabled, data files are stored under the storage path
directory. Like other Vault paths it can be redirected from its default location. For



The example setting above would cause all new files to be ingested to D:\vault\server\storage\YYYY\ where YYYY is the year.

Note that the files need to contain YYYY information in the filename to use this storage model.  If you were using a storagemodel with YYYYMMDD you'd need to have filenames that contain this information.

If you change storagemodels, you need to manually move existing files from pagedata/docdata to the correct location under the new storagemodel, creating subdirectories manually if necessary.
UPDATED:  September 18, 2017