disable 8.3 filenames with e2 Vault

Disabling 8.3 filenames on the Vault server can increase ingestion performance.

it has no useful purpose.  It can also slow down ingestion, as it searches (desperately) to find a new 8.3 filename that's not already taken.

from page 15 of the e2 Vault installation guide:
Optimizing file system performance
Microsoft Windows deals with the recording of short file names for compatibility with much older software that is turned on by default on the operating system. This functionality can be changed by running a single DOS command on the server where the Vault is installed.
Note that you will notice a performance improvement only with a large number of files (over
300,000) in relatively few folders where a lot of the filenames start with similar names. Not
having 8.3 filenames available will prevent the use of old applications such as Word 2.0 and Excel 4.0
Since Vault typically has filenames beginning with CCYYMMDD-HHMMSS, many files often do have the same first 'n' characters (specifically, the year: 2006, and even the following characters only use numbers, reducing the variability available in the first 8 characters. This causes the operating system to perform many searches to find the next available shortened filename to use on a given file.
To disable this functionality, run the DOS command prompt and type the following:

C:\> FSUTIL behavior set disable8dot3 1

It is volume specific, so make sure your current drive letter is the one where the PageData folder resides.  :)
UPDATED:  September 18, 2017