Determining which Spectrum patches are applied

Product Affected: Spectrum Technology Platform
Product Feature: Patches
Spectrum patches are required to be installed in sequential manner such as S01, S02 and so on.
It is important to determine which Spectrum patches are already applied in order to apply next patch updates.
  1. Navigate to Spectrum server installation directory <SpectrumServerLocation>\Spectrum.
  2. Look for the files with an .rls extension such as cdq1820S10.rls. The naming convention of .rls depicts the Spectrum version and the patch number. 
For an example, cdq1820S10.rls is the Spectrum 2018.2 S10 patch.

Note that the Spectrum Platform patches are mandatory and are recommended to be installed along with the patches specific to entitled modules.
For the complete list of Spectrum patch updates, refer to the Spectrum Product Update Summary.
UPDATED:  January 24, 2020