How to understand sizing considerations for the EngageOne DB and Filesystem

Product Feature: Template Management
1. The documentation covers purge under the section "Purging using batch" on page 184 of the Administration Guide . I can only recommend you read the section through. The most basic call would be "purge -domain <myDomainName>" replacing "<myDomainName>" with the domain you want to purge.

Note the warning in the docs not to run this during peak hours (unless using "-concurrencyMode"). This is especially true for the initial runs since the large growth you have experience likely means there is a lot to purge. I would also recommend starting with a high value for "numDaysRetention" in initial runs/tests.

2. Review the entire chapter on "Managing disk space" (p. 212) in the Admin guide. I cannot give any more specific advice on which sections apply since this depends entirely on the usage for this particular installation as well as customer retention needs.

3. Please also note the information regarding sizing the system:
To add to the question of "numbers" with relevance to the file system usage, I suggest you also review the formula given on page 28 of the release notes (attached):
For the database. the disk space (in KB) calculation is:
((X + R) x 5KB)) + (T x R)
X = Number of template versions
R= Number of database requests per day
T= Average template size unzipped (in KB)
UPDATED:  November 9, 2017