Setting up a job doing Reverse presort on a Walk Sequence or CRRT Line of Travel job using MailStream Plus

Product Affected:  MailStream Plus™, all versions.
Product Feature: Reverse Presort order
Operating System: All Platforms


Is there a parameter using MailStream Plus™(MSP) to put the output in reverse order?
Yes, you can use the  parameter SRTFLD or the SRTFLx parameters.

Using the SRTFLD, there is already a sort code value designed for this:

  • SRTFLD 1101


  • If the job is using the SRTFLx parameters and add 511  - Review SRTFLD 1101 to see the suggested values used.

How do you know this is working?
Add the POSTRI

  • position 8 - 10 is the original input record sequence number.
  • position 12 - 14 is the final Output sequence number. The values in positions 8 - 10 should now be reversed in the Output per bundle.

Find the zip code and CRRT locations.  Use the OEL (POSTLB position 8 -10) to see which records are getting the CRRT rate.
Then you can see if there are 10 records in zip 12345 and C001. The Original input record values should now be in descending order.

The reports do not reflect this information affected by the order of the pieces changed using the SRTFLD 1101 or SRTFLx with the 511..

UPDATED:  September 18, 2019