How to send an email to multiple recipients in EngageOne Digital Delivery

Product Feature: Operational Settings
Versions affected: all since V1.4
Effective from v1.4, this particular capability has been added.

In, set
#email id seperator
This enables the user to add multiple recipients into the same field in the DDSDocValue tag for "Email" in the DIJ (Document Interchange Journal) as below:

<DDSDocValue name="Email" type="text" len="47">,</DDSDocValue>
1) Whatever separator is used must be supported by the SMTP server to which EngageOne Digital Delivery connects.
2) Having more than one email recipient per message, removes the ability for EngageOne Digital Delivery to report on the delivery of the messages.

Currently EngageOne Digital Delivery reports a warning about invalid email addresses when multiple email addresses are specified in the same tag, but the message is still delivered.  This is an issue with logging, which is currently (October 2017) with engineering to be resolved in a future release.

UPDATED:  October 2, 2017