Understanding what the Entry Point Code fields on the E CODE parameter is when using MailStream Plus

Product Affected:  MailStream Plus™, all versions
Product Feature: E CODE parameter
Operating System: All Platforms

What is the Entry Point Code on the E CODE parameter when using MailStream Plus™ (MSP)?

All MSP jobs require the E CODE parameter to run.  The E CODE location(s) and length(s) tell MSP where to look for or where to *paste the entry point code in the input file Name-Address records.

For example, a job may have more then one ENT PT entry point parameter, because the mailer wants some of the mail pieces entered at one USPS location, and the other mail pieces entered at another location.  One ENT PT may be using 'A' for the code, and the other 'B' (or whatever values the mailer chooses.)  
The E CODE would then be pointed to a location in each Input Name-Address record that would have an A or a B, so MSP knows which entry point that mail piece is to be entered at. 

If a job only has 1 ENT PT entry point, then it is common to just point E CODE anywhere in the input records, and on the ENT PT put a Y in position 72.   That tells MSP to use that ENT PT for a mail piece regardless of the value seen in the input record location.
*There are also parameters ADC PT, NDC PT, and SCF PT.  These tell MSP to generate ENT PTs for that type of facility.  MSP will then decide based on the mail piece's ZIP Code which facility each mail piece will initially be entered at.  In that case the E CODE parameter location is pointing to a 6-byte location in each Input Name-Address record where MSP will *POST* data into the records to indicate the initial entry facility.

There are many variation and possibilities regarding Entry Points,  Please refer to the MSP Guide for your version of the software for more information.  The MailStream Plus Guide is currently available here- https://www.pitneybowes.com/us/support/products/software/mailstream-plus-support.html

UPDATED:  September 18, 2019