Missing EngageOne Server resource

Products affected:  Doc1 Designer, EngageOne
When using more than a single EngageOne Designer repository, there is potential for missing EngageOne Server font or image resources.  This would also also be true for using more than a single strand (project) in EngageOne Designer Series 6.  This happens when a backup/restore is done to create multiple repositories of the same publications or in EngageOne Designer Series 6 when splitting strands (projects).

To avoid this situation when using multiple repositories in Series 5, use the export/import snapshot to combine publications into a single main repository that will create font & image resources for EngageOne Server.  In Series 6, 
merge strands back to the main strand making sure to SKIP output devices. This will ensure that the strand creating font & image for EngageOne won't have its resources overwritten. 
UPDATED:  October 21, 2019