How to add and configure StreetPro data automatically for use with AnySite

Products affected: Anysite™
StreetPro data will need to be installed or copied to the 'Data' folder under AnySite's installation directory. The default installation directory for AnySite v9.1 is  C:\AnySite_AU\. (for AnySite Australia)

Assuming that AnySite was installed to the default directory mentioned above, StreetPro data folder will need to be placed under C:\AnySite_AU\Data\

After copying the folder, open the Configurator and go to Tools > Cataloguer > check the C: drive > check the AnySite installation directory > make sure both 'Update Layer Paths' and 'Use UNC Paths' are checked then click OK

After the Cataloguer has been run successfully, double check the StreetPro layers under Configurator > Preferences > Products 
The number of tables should be updated under each StreetPro layer to reflect this update
UPDATED:  September 19, 2017