How to use indexcheck

How do I use indexcheck?

Purpose Indexcheck searches indexes on a local index file-set and it is used for:
- searching the document list (this is the default). It will display the document list for the
specified account number(s).
- searching for the indexes. Note that not all index types are applicable in all installations.
- performing bulk data export from the index.
- preparing reports and the data-files for batch jobs.
- can work with the Indexer as a Service and the legacy indexer by using the -mode option.
Preparation Indexcheck is run from a command prompt and from the <drpath>\server directory. The
server initialization file is used to access the directory locations of the indexes.
Syntax indexcheck searchkey [index_name] [-p]
Parameters searchkey the index key to be searched for. If the key contains spaces, it must be
enclosed in double quotes.
index_name the name of the index file to be searched.
-p display the pointer address.
_ indicates a zero or null which are used to separate fields in a search key.
indexname.dri specify index name, defaults to invlink.dri, also supports legacy .idx index
searchtext text to search for in the key, supports _ to represent the null byte and
{0x3B} syntax for hex byte values.
-copy:toindexname copies the matching index entries to another index.
-pointers shows the pointer for the matching index entries.
-noprint specifies not to print the matches.
-delete deletes the first matching index entry.
-split:n n between 10 and 90, percentage split point when copying keys, defaults
to 90/10 for forward/reverse searches.
Note: This does not appply to the Indexer as a Service.
-reverse lists the keys in reverse order.
-validfile shows an error if a document index entry points to a missing .drd or .drp
file and when copying indexes, does not copy the faulty entry so that you
can clean the index of all such entries.
Indexer as a
-mode -mode: 2 is optional and indicates that the Indexer as a Service is
controlling this index. This will cause the indexcheck processing to be
applied to an index using the Indexer as a Service.
The default is -mode: 0 and treats the index as a legacy index.
allows for copying an index to an index with a different name.
The destination mode (dest_mode) allows the index type of the
destination index to be specified and is optional and overrides the –mode
implied or specified setting.
If the source index is a legacy index, then the default mode of the
destination index will be a legacy index file.
If the source is an Indexer as a Service index (-mode:2), then the default
destination will be the same type.
-dbinfo displays the indexes that are contained in the index.dr2 file created by the
Indexer as a Service. With the legacy indexer, the indexes created can be
determined by examining the files in the index directory. With the Indexer
as a Service, the indexes are not directly visible.
-crc returns the CRC (Cyclic Redundancy Checksum) of the indexes found by
the indexcheck command. This is a validation tool.
• If a search is desired on key 123 for a legacy index index\pdf1\invlink.dri, the command line would be:
Indexcheck index\pdf1\invlink.dri 123
• If the index was under the control of the indexer as a service, the command line would be:
indexcheck -mode:2 -copy:index\pdftest\invlink.dri,2 index\pdf1\invlink.dri 1
• The indexcheck -copy option has a new destination mode available. The new syntax is: -copy:
destination_index_name, destination_index_mode where destination_mode is optional.
• To copy all index values in legacy index\pdf1\invlink.dri starting with "1" to a new legacy index named
index\pdftest\invlink.dri, the indexcheck command would be:
indexcheck -copy: index\pdftest\invlink.dri index\pdf1\invlink.dri 1
• If index\pdf1\invlink.dri were was controlled by the indexer as a service and the destination is also controlled
by the indexer as a service, the command would be:
indexcheck -mode:2 -copy: index\pdftest\invlink.dri index\pdf1\invlink.dri 1
• If the new index was in the indexer as a service and the existing index was a legacy index, the command would
look like:
indexcheck -copy: index\pdftest\invlink.dri,2 index\pdf1\invlink.dri
UPDATED:  August 4, 2017