AFP file Page Layout from Landscape to Portrait on DOC1 Series 5

Product Feature: Page Setup Editor

We have designed a publication in which there are multiple documents, in both portrait and landscape page layouts.
Please see attached document.

Is it possible to alter the page layout of the documents from landscape to portrait and thus generate all documents page layout in portrait.

Currently, the production engine DOC1GEN will deliver the output in the same way the publication has been designed in Designer (WYSIWYG).
It will not be possible to alter the page layout from landscape to portrait in production.
It may however be possible through DOC1PCE (Post Composition Engine), but the formdef has to be known. DOC1PCE can change the page orientation from landscape to portrait, but the issue could be with the printing as it will print from left to right (it still assumes the page orientation is in landscape, rather than from top to bottom printing (portrait)) and hence missing out some contents.
UPDATED:  August 31, 2017