How to schedule DOC1 repository backups

Product Feature: Repository Configuration Tool
In the first instance, SQL Server Agent should be running in your SQL instance, expand this, and right click on the Jobs folder and select New Job.

In the General section, assign a name to the job, and select the category of Database Maintenance from the drop down list in Category (there is no need to add a Description, but if it helps describe the process, then this is at the discretion of the person setting up the job).  Ensure the Enabled box is active.

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In the Steps section, select New, in here, add a name for the step and ensure the type Transact-SQL Script (TSQL) is selected from the Type drop down, and the correct database is selected from the Database drop down.

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The command required to run the backup, then needs to be entered in the Command window, and this calls the stored procedure that runs the backup process:

EXEC [dbo].[spBR_FullBackup]

Next, select the Parse option to ensure the command is successfully parsed.

Next, select the Schedules tab, in select either of the options available in the drop down, and set the times\dates required for the backup to take place.

UPDATED:  April 12, 2018