Switching between indexers for faster reindexing

If I'm using the old indexer, can I still take advantage of the new indexer for a faster reindex?

For example:
A client of ours is about to reindex a database and to speed up the process they would like to make the reindex  with the new method and Indexerd Service. They will use a Development Environment test environment to perform this action.
After that, they have to insert this index in the production servers which uses the old method of indexation. Can Indexcheck convert a dr2  to dri files? 


After you have successfully reindexed the Vault on the test server using the new indexerd, it will create a DR2 file which contains the entire index.

You can run the following indexcheck command on this database to create the old-style .DRI files that the old indexer uses.  These can then be updated on the production system.
indexcheck -mode:2 -copy:index\database\invlink.dri,0 index\test1\invlink.dri 
(repeat for the other indexes) 
For best performance, you should try and use a system with a SSD and lots of memory. Also, you should use the latest 6.1 code to get all the indexer fixes. 
UPDATED:  September 18, 2017