How to run Na_Batch using trigger file in EngageOne

  1. Make sure to have a trigger file set up. 
  2. Create a separate folder and place only the trigger file in it’s own folder. 
  3. Then in EO Admin, import the, and delivery and modify the output path in delivery channels as needed.
  4. From the command prompt, go to where the run-na-batch.bat file is: C:\EngageOne30\EO30GA\server\batch and run the na-batch command à run-na-batch.bat -domain SAE -dir “C:\EngageOneCases\Case02441536\Trigger”
  5. The output file will be created in where the path is set in delivery channels in EO Admin.
  • Make sure to do copy and paste all the name of the files because I have experienced many syntax errors in the set up process because of the windows format of text vs. xml format…
UPDATED:  September 1, 2017