Executing the ‘tbUnlockAll’ stored procedure on DOC1 v5.6 database

Product Feature: Designer
If a publication crashes during a user session, this publication will then be locked to that user, and in order for it to be accessed again, it will be necessary to "unlock" it.

There are 3 ways to do this as follows:

1. Launch the Integrity Check Tool, and select the "unlock data" tab, and select "unlock all"
2. Backup and restore the database to a new name, this will unlock anything that was previously locked
3. Run the dbo.tbUnlockAll stored procedure

For option 3, the stored procedure can be found in the database affected, in the "Programmability\Stored Procedures" section.  To run this, select the "new query" option from the menu bar:

User-added image

Ensure you select the affected database from the drop down:
User-added image

Then in the query edit window enter "execute tbUnlockAll", and then hit the "execute" button in the menu bar.

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These screenshots are taken from a SQL2017 installation, but this functionality is the same in all older versions.
UPDATED:  November 27, 2019