Opening Google KML (.kml/.kmz) data in MapInfo Pro

Product affected: MapInfo Pro™

There are 2 ways to open Google KML data (.kml/.kmz) in MapInfo Pro

1) Universal Data
For MapInfo Pro 64-bit, go to Home > Open > Universal Data.
For MapInfo Pro 32-bit, go File -> Open Universal Data.

Click the Browse button next to Format and select Google Earth KML format from the FME Reader Gallery and click OK.
Click the Browse button next to Dataset and locate the path to the .kml file and click open.

2) Universal Translator (UT)
The Universal Translator tool in MapInfo Pro can convert Google KML/KMZ files to MapInfo Pro's Native Tab format and the resultant table can be opened in MapInfo Pro via Table > Universal Translator:

Set the Reader format to Google KML, browse to the file to be translated and set the Writer format to MapInfo TAB and select a folder where the .tab table is to be written and click OK:
User-added image

NOTE: The UT/Universal Data KML translate/import methods cannot import the attribute data as expected and this is a known limitation.
To properly import attribute data, user's would need to use something like SAFE Software's "FME".
UPDATED:  December 2, 2019