Parsing a single line address into a parted address in Spectrum Universal's Addressing Module

Product Feature: Universal Addressing Module
Is there a way to use UAM ValidateAddress to parse a single line address into a parted address?

For example, send a request to ValidateAddress such as 1 Global View New York, NY 12180

Expected result:
1 Global View
New York

There is not a way to parse a US single line address with the UAM US Component.  But this can be done with the UAM Enhanced International Component.  With the UAM Enhanced International ValidateAddressGlobal Service, the address can be entered in the UnformattedAddress1 input field.  The correct country must be specified in the separate 'Country' input field, and if the address can be matched by the UAM Enhanced Coding Engine, then the parsed output address elements will be returned.

There is also a module called Enterprise Geocoding Module that is available in Spectrum that does parse an address into a parted address  however Geocoding Module is designed to provide geocoding details on an address, not identify the parts of an address and perform postal hygiene.
UPDATED:  September 5, 2019