How to troubleshoot issue when unable to access license server when activating from MapInfo Pro client

Products affected: MapInfo Pro™
If a License Server Utility is installed behind a firewall it may be necessary to explicitly state the TCP/IP port for the vendor daemon.
To do this, follow these steps:
  1. Navigate to the License Server installation directory (typically: C:\Program Files\MapInfo\License Server)
  2. Edit the MILICSERVER.lic file in a text editor
  3. On line 2 add PORT=<Port_Number> as shown below. Please note that the port must be between 1–64000 and be both free and exposed on the firewall
  4. Save the MILICSERVER.lic file
  5. Restart the MapInfo License Server service

Example of explicitly stating the TCP/IP port for the vendor daemon in red:
SERVER this_host ANY 27000
VENDOR unisw20 PORT=27001
FEATURE MapInfo_License_Server unisw20 1.0 permanent 1 SIGN="006B \
    D4C9 F9EA FE5B 1546 9BB2 F78C 0500 CCC5 3875 83A6 5B24 CB13 \
    80FC 6546"
UPDATED:  December 5, 2019