Downloading software products and updates from eStore

Products Affected: Software Solutions products obtained via eStore delivery.
After receiving an email with a link to the (Digital River) eStore, customers can download their purchased software products such as MapMarker, MapInfo Pro and other PB Software Solution products.

The attached document has screen shots with detailed instructions on how to login to the site and make the correct choices to download MapMarker, for example. 

While the instructions list MapMarker as the particular product for downloading, the process and steps would be identical for downloading MapInfo Pro, or telecommunications products such as ExchangeInfo, RateCenterInfo or other software products.

This .pdf is also referenced in the customer email and can be accessed by clicking the link within the customer's email notice.

Note: Software Solution Products include:
Postal Software
Address Cleanse Coding Software
Geo software products 

Note: ALL Data Products are now downloaded from the Software Data Marketplace and no longer from the G1 site or from the eStore.
UPDATED:  May 4, 2020