How to find out if Image references can be inserted into a PS files in DOC1

When using existing Image references, there is no way to reference external images within a postscript file. However there are other ways to reduce filesize:

1. If you are not using a resource pack or your application requires resources/external image references not in the pack, then you need to make use of DOC1PJC utility to append the resource files. DOC1PJC can produce a merged resource file for embedding at EMFE run time or can be used to append resources to an existing postscript file after DOC1EMFE.

2. You can make use of the EPS image format supported in Postscript. Resources can be included directly into the document on each page where they are required - this is known as the inline method. Alternatively, EPS Images can be embedded in the FormSpace (Referenced) - which will reduce filesize.

Use of either EPS method will reduce the memory overhead on the printer which would be significant when processing standard images included in the PS file header (in option 1).

Finally, all the image resources then needs to be embedded in the printstream file in order to be printed. However if you are using a XEROX printer, then you may be able to make use of the GETTIFF function, to reference external images. However this is device specific and would only work when printing output on XEROX products.
UPDATED:  November 7, 2017