How to automate batch reprints with Reprint Admin

If I read the doc correctly, the process of ‘submitting’ documents for ‘batch reprinting’ is manual. There is no automated way to tell Vault to ‘reprint x y and z’, someone manually pulls them up in the client of choice then presses the reprint button, pulls up document 2, push button, rinse and repeat. I see the p194 section in the documentation in customizing guide, but I can’t find anything that has an upfront batch process of generating the document ‘to be reprinted’. Can you tell me if there is a way to 'automate' the batching of reprints, or would it be only through the GUI, thanks

keep in mind that the reprints only work with AFP, and the reconstituted AFP is not identical to the original AFP that was ingested.

At a high level when Vault compresses an AFP file it strips the fonts and images from that file and stores it in a proprietary format.
When the reprint admin reconstitutes the AFP file it puts the fonts and images back at the beginning of the file, and there may be other differences as well.  
I know of at least one case where someone was trying to run DOC1PCE on the reconstituted AFP and some of the internal features like TLEs were not the same.

they are moving from the Vault product to something else (TBD), so they engaged me (professional services) to help them develop a way to 'unload' all their documents from Vault, back to AFPDS files.  The intent in the near future is then to load them into a new system, another archive type product.  We understand the Job Level information was lost, but I was under the impression the output would be 1-many AFPDS's, with resources included as well as a 'Vault style Journal' document, which includes the information at the document level.
the piece of writing a script to pull a bunch of documents out of the Vault is what we thought needed to be written by services.

The reprint feature was introduced in 5.5. It should put the resources back into the front of the reprint stream with the following caveats
1. The names of the resources may be different. The reprint processing will rename resources to resolves conflicts between different jobs.
2. The resource used is what is in the current server/distrib directory. Depending on what has happened over time, this may no longer be the resource that came down with the job (if downloaded resources were used) but it will be the resource that is used by Vault today to render the document.
3. Reprint requests are available on the wire API so Services could in theory write a perl script to request reprints for each job. This would most likely have to be in batches as we have never tried to reprint an entire database in one go.

Wire API is documented in the customizing guide under the section "Communicating directly with the rendering engine"

This is the wire API call for reprints (which isn't documented in the 6.1m0 version of the docs for some reason):
- purpose
- convert raw data into a application usable form
- transfers output to server reprint input directory
- used as part of the production reprint feature
- request
! request.function render.spool
! request.output output mode
! <collection of search key/value pairs>
? <collection of rendering key/value pairs>
- result
! result.status 0 for success, otherwise error code
! result.blocks number of subsequent blocks, always 0
- result.message error message if status not zero
- data
- none, data uploaded to server, status returned in result message
- notes
- normally used with output mode 17 REPRINT

For examples of the wire API in action, look at the perl client to vault, which uses this API to communicate to render.
To recap, the process of document REPRINT is like below:
1. use WIRE API ( refer to PERL web-client as an example) or Java API ( can refer to ServiceWeb2 as an example or Java API document ) to send document REPRINT request to SERVER ;
2. if the request is correct, server will create reprint document input files (AFP and JRN) under <SERVER>\reprintinput\ ;
3. create reprint.adm (refer to the section of Batch reprinting of documents in Vault in customizing guide);
4. if the flag files of reprint.adm is correct, it will create document reprint output files under <SERVER>\reprintoutput\;
5. then you can consume the document reprint output files ( load them into printer or into Vault );
6. if not involving programming, you can refer to REPRINT function in ServviceWeb2 or PERL example;
UPDATED:  September 18, 2017