question on interactive Editor folder

Product Feature: Interactive Editor (ActiveX)

Once you have copied the EngageOne InteractiveEditor including the eoeditor.ocx file to the multiple PCs, you can change the ActiveX.version to 0 in the config settings.xml.
  <key> activex.version</key>
When EO compare the installed version with the version specified in the config-settings.xml, if the version in the config-settings number is higher than what is installed, then an attempt to install the new version will be made.  By changing the activex.version to 0 in the config-settings.xml, it will never be greater than what you have installed so it will not prompted for a new download.
Then you can change the Internet explore settings to not auto prompt to install Active X:
1. Go to IE properties, select settings, select custom level.
2. Click the Disable button under Automatic prompting for Active X controls

In IE setting changes:
Go to internet Explore properties, select security, then
Select Custom level, then find the Active X control and Plug-In, you can choose disable automatic plug-in

UPDATED:  October 21, 2019