Raising a software enhancement request

Clients can register and log in to the Ideas Portal and add enhancement requests. Ideas on portal are then either promoted or demoted by the wider Software Community and Product Management.

Product Management take the decision as to which might be adopted, because of this, the stronger the business case for introduction, then the more chance it has of succeeding, although there are no guarantees that any enhancement idea will be successful.

Refer to the Ideas Community Portal for details.

First-time visitors will be required to create a screen name for use on Ideas or to access the Case Management Portal.

You will be required to use a valid e-mail address when you register. Registered users can submit new ideas or comment on existing ideas in a way that is visible and transparent to all participants. Users also have the unique opportunity to contribute to an ideas overall popularity by promoting or demoting the idea. Product Management will review popular ideas and evaluate their potential for inclusion in our short and long term development plans.  Some of the things that determine whether an idea is implemented are the number of votes and the complexity of the development work required.
UPDATED:  May 5, 2020