How to determine DFS Parameter configuration in Sagent

Product Feature: Dataflow Server

General guidelines:

  • The size of the system paging files can be up to 1.5 the size of RAM.
  • It is recommended to use a maximum of 2/3 of the system paging file space for block allocation
  • AgentVMMemory <= 2/3 size of system paging file <= 1.5 GB
  • AgentVMMemory + Sagent Swap file <= 1.5 GB

MaxMemoryBlocks + MaxBlocks <= AgentVMMemory + Sagent Swap file(s) <= 1.5 GB (considering total size of RAM is 2GB in this scenario).

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Three main formulas to take into account when tuning DataFlow Server(DFS):

  •  MaxMemoryBlocks + MaxBlocks <= AgentVMMemory + Sagent Swap file(s)
  •  MaxSinkBlocks <= MaxResultBlocks <= MaxBlocks
  • MaxUsrMemoryBlocks <= MaxMemoryBlocks
Note: If you are using sagent primarily for ETL (non-client sinks) you should optimize toward the runtime memory (MaxMemoryBlocks), but if you are using it mostly for access plans (those with client sinks) you should optimize for cache memory (MaxBlocks).
UPDATED:  November 28, 2017