How to use sarpcmd utility to import/export Sagent repository

Product Feature: Utility
SARPCMD is a command line utility that uses XML files to export, import and copy whole or partial Sagent Repositories. SARPCMD can be used to mark objects for deletion or perform a partial delete.

To use the SARPCMD utility you must create an XML file using the Sagent specific tags. The XML file can be created using SARPUTIL or you can code it by hand.
  • Export the repository using "sarpcmd" to local windows machine.
  • Import the repository using "sarpcmd" to destination database using files from window machine.

Note: It is not required that source repository and target repository have the connection from same window machine.
Once files are exported at some local machines they can be moved to any location on any other machine. From there they can be imported to target repository.

Sample XML files for import and export are attached. You can generate these files using SARPUTIL utility. 
UPDATED:  August 29, 2017