Can you confirm what data Portrait Explorer passes to Bing maps?

Product Feature: Installation

Operating System: Not stated

Database: Not stated

Configuration: Not stated
We only use the Bing Maps Silverlight control in the client web browser to show the map tiles, the server does not access the internet for the Bing maps.

Explorer passes our license key to the Bing Maps server to confirm that we are entitled to access their tile servers. After that, we just tell the control what area to show and at what zoom level and it makes requests for the appropriate tiles from the Bing Maps servers. Therefore, the only real information sent to the Bing Maps servers are the individual tiles which are requested. We have previously confirmed this by sniffing the requests made by the control.

The heat map rendering and positioning of customer cards is all done locally. We manually add the items to a Bing Maps Map Layer object which itself knows how to map (lat,long) coordinates to pixel positions.
UPDATED:  September 4, 2017