EngageOne Vault and anti-virus considerations

Windows, 32 bit, 64 bit
Having anti-virus installed on my Vault server is causing problems.  What can I do to ensure that Vault and anti-Virus work together properly?

Most antivirus programs use drivers that will consume additional kernel resources (page pool and non-paged pool).
Vault itself will use significant kernel memory under load.
In 32-bit versions of Windows, kernel resources are particularly limited and under load could start causing resource exhaustion errors (1450).
Whenever possible, use a 64-bit version of Windows Server when deploying Vault in production.
Real time scans will take up CPU/memory/disk.
Vault rapidly opens and closes the .drd/.drp files under load.
Real time scans often trigger on each open depending on the type/version/settings of the antivirus program.
This could have a significant impact on performance.
Another issue that could arise is if the virus scanner opens a Vault file in exclusive mode it could cause an error in Vault.
You can reduce the impact in different of ways:
- disable real time scanning altogether
- or filter out key Vault directories such as index/docdata/pagedata/storage/work/process
- or filter key Vault extensions such as .drp/.drd/.dri/.dru/.drt/.drr/.dr2
UPDATED:  January 10, 2019