How to create a new repository in Client\Server mode in DOC1 V5\V6

Product Feature: Installation / Upgrade
When creating a new Client\Server repository, there are a few basic steps:

1. On the Doc1 application server machine, create a new filestore folder, and ensure that this is shared with full read\write access to all users that will be accessing it.
2. Launch the Repository Configuration Tool, and connect to you SQL instance, it will give you the following dialog.
User-added image
3. Select the "install a new repository" option.
4. Give the database a name.
5. Set the filestore location, and for a Client\Server installation, this MUST be a UNC path, ie \\server_name\Filestore_share_folder_name, and you can either enter this manually (which can introduce the possibility of human error), or you can browse through the network to the folder created in step 1.  The path here CANNOT be a mapped drive letter, this is for standalone installations only.
6. Set the backup location, this should be any local drive on the application server machine, you can use a drive letter for this.
7. Select Create.

You can add this to your repository list if you wish.

This will prompt Doc1 to extract the content of (on the server) to the filestore folder specified.

Once a new repository is created, the first time you connect to this, you will be prompted to add your license information, after this is done, it is ready to go.
UPDATED:  November 6, 2017