font resources handling - MCF Ricoh's ACIF product using EngageOne Enrichment (formally named Stream Weaver)

Product Feature: AFPDS Input Driver

Use <SMARTMCFS> tag to handle the font resources. It ensures that <ADD>’s use the font number that is already present on any given page, and duplicate entries would be removed.

Here is the information for <SMARTMCFS> tag and this information are also included in Stream Weaver language reference guide:

For AFPDS print streams, specifies whether or not StreamWeaver should use the font in the MCF1 or MCF2 records when adding text for which no font was specified. This only applies to <ADDTYPE> T and barcodes added with HRI text (HRI, or “human-readable interface”, is the text that appears below a barcode).

Tag Group  _> Environment tag group

<SMARTMCFS> smartmcfsYN


Parameters for <SMARTMCFS> smartmcfsYN

Can choose one of the following:
• Y[ES]—StreamWeaver will determine the font number using the MCF1 or MCF2 records on the page where the text or HRI will be added. If you specify YES, <RESOURCESCAN> will also be set to YES.

• N[O]—StreamWeaver will not determine a font number using MCF1 or MCF2. Instead, it uses font 29 for the first item added and increases the font number by one for each additional item added without a font number specified. For example, if there are three items being added without a font specified, the first would use font 29, the second font 30, and the third font 31.

UPDATED:  September 1, 2017